Anil Ranjit

Anil Ranjit is a photographer primarily based in DC Metro area. His experience in multimedia has emerged from still photography. He believes that human brain attracts on moving images excessively. On top of that inclusion of sound on moving images does enhance the effectiveness of a sense of being close to a subject

Being a witness of a fact and dealing with the ethical values about the story to bring in front of the mass audience, Anil’s photography sees many issues through a new way and tries to revitalize being a witness and giving importance of happenings without generalizing it. Providing the light to the problems in an unbiased fashion, a photographer always compels to go through any condition. There is no choice rather than being witness and recording fraction of time in a visual mechanics.

In the story of Beyond the Studio, Anil believes that a consumerist mindset has ruined the nature in several ways. He features debris, esp. plastic products from the water source as the primary focus in this story. His attitude and belief are influenced by spiritual practice that can be brought anywhere if people start seeing things mindfully. Ignorance on using plastic products, use of one-time use water and other beverage in plastic bottles and throwing them after use, etc. have triggered adverse effect on the marine ecology, and that may cross many otherliness, unwillingly to reach to human.