Galen Tromble

Galen Tromble is a marine biologist, a former employee of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Tromble has been conscious of degrading of ecology since his awareness opened up to overall environment. As a yoga teacher, Tromble has turned his yoga and meditation practice for mindfulness towards increased environmental consciousness. He believes that people who practice yoga have seemed to be more conscious in their daily lives. Therefore, for them spreading the message of mindfulness outside yoga class extends to create a holistic lifestyle. His issue stands primarily on awareness about the impact of plastic bottles in ecology, and to encourage people to think carefully about what happens when plastic refuse enters urban water streams.,

Monica Corry

Monica Corry is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa, ChildLight Yoga and Budding Yogi teacher who believes that mindfulness can use outside the yoga class. She walked into her first yoga class 15 years ago for an exercise. However, as her yoga practice deepened, yoga becomes more than merely an exercise. It becomes a way of life. She loves learning new things and is excited to share her teachings and love of yoga.

Colleen Roche

Colleen Roche is an employee of NOAA and a yoga practitioner. Colleen practices active and physical based yoga. Only guided meditation does not provide tying her body with her practice of yoga that goes with more physical or energetic focus. She believes that yoga practice energizes her to focus on right decision. She tries to keep herself out from non-degradable commercial products and attempts for proper disposal of the wastes. She uses reusable fabric diaper for her son.

Chi Markley

Chi Markley uses her mindfulness in her work, but she gives significant credit to her yoga practice. By profession, she is a hairdresser who has to deal with various kinds of people regularly. Chi believes that her presentation of her appearance and her hand movement come from the yoga practice. When she holds the hairs of her clients, they feel very relaxed, and some of her clients asked her whether has she had been practicing yoga. Her constant physical and mental focuses on her work come from her yoga practice.