Beyond the Studio

Among the individuals who have developed a yoga practice, many believe that they get benefitted from an increased awareness in their daily lives. Beyond the Studio documents the impact of mindfulness beyond yoga studios. Galen Tromble, a biologist, and a yoga instructor claims that his yoga practice and teaching have transformed him significantly. He believes that his mindfulness practice has spurred him to examine balance and imbalance in nature, prompting him to add a regular collection of contaminants from a tributary of Sligo Creek near his home at Silver Spring. Tromble’s extension of his mindfulness from the studio to daily life connects him to the community and nature around him.

The documentary also features other characters who have similar beliefs as Tromble. Monica Corry owner of Lover Yoga Studio, Hyattsville, MD, advises yoga practitioners that they can bring mindfulness beyond the studio to the community and nature. Colleen Roche, a long time yoga practitioner, feels that practicing yoga helps her to become more mindful and helps in taking the right decisions. According to her, if she does not practice yoga regularly, she may have a hard time to focus on her daily life. Chi Markley, a hairdresser, uses her mindfulness that she has practiced on her yoga class at her work to calm down her clients.